How to make sense of the void of a wall

10 Oct 2020

How to make sense of the void of a wall

Decorating the walls of the house in an unusual way: the possibilities are endless, just don’t limit your imagination. Thus the wall becomes a palette.

An empty wall, how much space. Yet it is not always so easy to make sense, your own sense, of that empty space. Filling it with personality requires commitment, research and inventiveness.

How to do? The style of the house is perhaps already defined, all that remains is to put your hand to that great palette that is the wall. The possibilities? They are potentially infinite if you leave your mind open, there are practically no limits.

White walls? Also colored and painted

Hang something? It’s the first thought, but why not decorate the surface directly?

parete decorata ! ufo, the art side

With a different color from the other walls, or by creating a mural, or even with an eccentric or imaginative wallpaper, which represents contextual scenarios to the house, for example doors or windows.

A cascade of light

One of the most difficult elements to use in a home, for non-experts, are the lamps. Choosing the type of lighting greatly changes the perception of space, as well as comfort.

cascata di luci | ufo, the art side

To use the light element in an original way, you can think of something different than the usual wall or floor lamps, perhaps using a cascade of pendant lights on a white wall.

Mirrors in series

Mirrors give depth and a sense of breadth. Usually only one is used on a wall, but compositions can also be made, with different shapes and frames.

Or, the mirror can be used as a false window, with open shutters, real or painted.
Metal sculptures

Again to create contrast, you can play on the materials and colors of these materials. If the house has warm tones or is decorated with wood color, metal objects can be hung on the wall, such as UFO (Unconventional Frame Opera) sculptures.

The shine of the aluminum gives brightness and the lines, completely unique and original, break the linearity of the context of furniture and furnishings.

Paintings and frames

Modern style house? If a wall is intended for a series of paintings, photographs or prints, the subjects could be of a vintage or antique theme to create contrast.