Attic living area

Takumi e Hypnos

Porto d'Adda


As part of the expansion of a living area, here is an easy chic style restyling. The customer does not like colors too much, so the interior designer opted for a total white with only some hints of soft colors, in particular pieces of furniture such as the sugar paper armchair and the dove-gray walls.

Initially intended for the dining area, this space in the upper part of the house was then used for the living area, as it is more functional.

Each piece of this area has been custom designed, from the sofa, to the storage units up to the plasterboard bookcase, designed to follow the slope of the pitch.

For the customization of these rooms, the work Takumi and Hypnos by UFO was chosen, as a piece of furniture, in this case, a table.

Project: Arch. Alessandra Parolini.